Artist Statement

My work explores emotion, relationships, and self through sculpture, photography, performance, and installation; it focuses on meditation and introspection – contemplating existence in relation to self and the world around, on modest and immense scales through various perceptual lenses.

I view my work as components to a conversation that I hope my viewers participate in. In most of my work, I prefer to allow the viewers to explore meaning for themselves, hoping the audience will sit with the pieces and respond to the work in different ways. To me, it is a wonderful thing to have a work that the audience can interact and engage with.

Through my abstractions of the real world and representations of my own thought, I explore human relationships to self and more. I bring my work into existence through careful meditation, focusing on the pensive, the subconscious, and the under-considered aspects of life. Exploring these concepts in different media assists in conveying my concepts in the most fitting manner possible. I treat each material differently, as if they were different emotions or personalities that my concept can take on.

I create my work to keep myself questioning and curious, as well as to gauge my place as a human and to aid others in formulating questions about their own existences and relationships.